Failing installing node-mcp23017

Wow that's nice, looking forward for the weekend to try this too :slight_smile:

Simon, the node doesn't install under palette manager. Try to do it that way. It wont show as a node.

Just tried to install it on one of my Pizero that is around my house

It was found in the palette

It installed nicely

And the nodes are there

Simon, I get lots of errors you don't seem to get on the Pi 4 under Buster. There is something different here.

aah - both my installs were on Stretch machines so that prob explains the difference in behaviour

Or the node version - both of them are 10.16.3

I got that hubo working for outputs 0-7, however I am not able to make 8-15 work... is there something special to setup? firing the outputs via cmd manually works. I see the 23017 is configurable between 8 bit and 16 bit in the data sheet but I don't really know how that will affect this node. could that be it?

Yes! The same problem on my testboard. Port 0-7 working fine and 8-15 are not accessible

This node is working great for me.

Sigh, I'm at it again.
I messed up my raspberry pi installation (still have the SD tho) and need to set up Node red and MCP23017 node again :frowning:
Sadly I can't find a way to install all the right version of it's dependancies.
The version I forked, editing the prerequisites versions, no longer works too.

I can get to work other MCP23017 nodes, but not the one I based all my flows on (You may suggest using these, but I liked the other node behaviour and configurablity best)
Can anyone help ?
Thank you!

Oh well, I just installed Node Red with Node 12 LTS and everything worked like a charm: I did:

npm install i2c-bus
npm install ncd-red-mcp23017

note for future self, and anyone stumbling into this dependency hell :slight_smile:

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