[Feature Request]Add msg.flush to trigger as per delay node

The msg.flush has proved very useful for the delay node and it would be handy to have it in the trigger node as well

I'm thinking on msg.flush=true, it should do the pre-configured 2nd action

mm - this might be a bit more complex than I first thought

I made up this to simulate a flush
Sends 5000 as payload and also uses it to set msg.delay - pressing flush inject resets trigger and re-sends the message payload

I should really store/re-send whole msg but this does as a demo

But this doesn't actually do what I specified in the original FR as it flushes the original msg thru as opposed to doing whatever action is specified for the 2nd action in the trigger node

But it does actually "flush" like what the delay node does and I'm sure someone would find this action useful so can we have it as well please? :slight_smile:

So I'm thinking that maybe my request needs to respond to a msg.complete=true (or some other word)

so is there an actual use case for this - or just "it may be useful" ?

Yes :slight_smile:
I'm normally delaying a message using a trigger node for around 10 minutes but sometimes want to curtail that time and release the stored message without having to wait till the end of msg.delay

Using a trigger and not the delay node as I want to extend the delay if a new message comes in

Its a cheerlight bot to send new cheerlight tweet if no activity for past 10 minutes

delaying a message ? why not use the delay node ?

Is there a mode usage of the delay node that will do that?

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