Feature Request: Function Node - Option to save without closing

It would be useful if we could save a function node without having to close the function editor. Currently we must press Done which closes the function editor.

  • We might have a function node sandwiched between an inject node and a debug node
  • We wish to check the output to ensure our function correct.
  • Currently we are slowed down by repeatedly closing and opening the function editor to check the debug output.

Perhaps this would be smoother if they worked as follows:

  • When the function node editor was visible, this wouldn't disable the flow editor (showing the other nodes)
  • If a change was made in the function editor, then the flow editor could be disabled.
  • When the function in the function editor was saved (via a button or some other means), the flow editor would be re-enabled.

Thinking further, perhaps this could be achieved by allowing the main deploy button to be enabled while the function node editor is open?

Hi @harmonic7

this topic has been covered many times in the forum - most recently here:

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As much as I can understand what you are saying (@harmonic7) what you are saying is a bit "splitting hairs".

It is annoying but the mechanics are as they are.

You are editing the node. Fair enough.

But if you want to see what changes the editing does, you have to accept that you have to close the edit window and deploy it.

Otherwise NR can't (as is now) do it.

And as Nic (@knolleary) has said allowing that to happen would mean a whole rewrite of how things work.

It can't be that much effort to close, deploy and inject to see what has happened.

Three or four clicks isn't so onerous but finding where you last edited a long template or function can be a pain.

Is it possible for the editor to save the line you last edited and take you there when you open it?

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Nice point @jbudd ....

My solution to that is I have a text editor also open with the code which I am editing it.

Then when I want to go back to where I was, I look at the text editor's screen and where the cursor is.

Yeah, probably a bit messy, but that is an option.
It doesn't cost too much with resources etc.

I comment out the lines and time stamp them. (Date/hour/minute)
Do the new stuff and see if it works.

When it is all done, I go along and remove all the old lines.

Also messy, but another option.

Sorry about that - I didn't realise it had been covered before.

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