Feature request: move "successfully deployed" banner

Just a little pet peeve of mine, but, on a regular basis I must wait for the "Successfully Deployed" banner to disappear before I can click on the tab underneath it. There must be a better way to do this.

There's a big gray bar at the bottom of the editor, left of the zoom buttons. How about putting it there?

You can click on the notification to dismiss it quicker

click it to dismiss it.


However, I do kinda wish it were not so tall - if it were the same height as the black bar it would be less of an issue :man_shrugging:

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Really? I have to take an action? It could just display someplace out of the way. That's all I have to say on the matter.

Have to admit this has been annoying me also. Not enough to raise the issue but now that it's mentioned... And I know it can be dismissed but it feels like an extra whac-a-mole thing to do.

I wouldn't go on to relocate the notification popup though. It's pretty much where you'd expect it to be IMO.

But as deploy is such a core feature, it could have its own way of signaling. Something like an animation on the deploy button itself for instance. A popup could or should still be displayed if an error occurred.

How often are you guys deploying, that it becomes an issue ? Is life so busy you can't just let it go away ? It doesn't stop you doing other edit tasks - and if you do need to get to behind it is one click so bad ? (genuinely surprised)

why would we want to create "another" toast mechanism just for deploy ? Surely consistency is better.

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So,@dceejay, I have the deepest respect for the work you folks have done on node-red. So much goodness. But, if I'm being honest, this is just not optimal UX. Yes, it's probably a pain for you to change it, I understand. Is it worth the effort relative to other things? Not my place to say. But no feature should block users from doing work when they're ready to do it, IMHO.

@dennishvo I agree there are improvements to be made to the notification messages, but it isn't a simple case of just moving it elsewhere. I can guarantee that wherever it is moved to, it will be in the way of something for someone.

We also have to consider that some notifications are prompts for the user to respond to - they aren't just passing information. Again, moving the notification to somewhere less prominent, would be bad UX for those types of notification.

Thanks for the feedback - something for us to think about.


I would rather take this as a compliment. When user requests become focused on small details it's a sign the software has moved to a next level of greatness.

To answer the question, I don't know but I just remember running into this many times. Possibly rapid iteration or just my impatience when I have one of those rare flow states of mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

This annoys me a lot, but I've never thought to actually consider it an issue to be addressed. I probably deploy a lot more than most simply because I'm such a poor typist.

A bigger annoyance for me is needing to deploy after enable/disable debug nodes or moving nodes that doesn't change any of the connections among them.

Well you don't need to deploy in those circumstances if you don't want to. Only to save the changes. The debug will stop/start right away. In all cases you can carry on working while the toast does its thing.

But yes. All noted and worth thinking about.

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My two cents, since it has come up.

Admittedly, it can be annoying at some point (I deploy often as well), and the toast even covers the tab bar in height completely, if you have unused configuration nodes... but I learned to live with it. :sunglasses:

The deploy feature already has a nice representation by using the state of the deploy button, and it has an "in progress" animation.

So my suggestion: keep the position and everything as-is, but don't send a toast in the case where just "Successfully deployed" would be displayed. I think that would cover most of the cases here. I'd consider the deploy successful, if the button is disabled after, and there was no error message.

The toast should still be shown if there's an error or when there are unused config nodes, because that's something the user should be made aware of.

This reminds me of a Google IO (2013?) where they introduced the "not my fault" UX design principles. It always stuck with me. This particular quote from a blog about important UX decisions based on 2 jars of marbles is relevant...

Alternatively, they could have a pop-up notification explaining “this is the last screen.” But that still clashes with “it’s not my fault,” because, as the team explains, any pop-up notification is a bit like being nagged for doing something wrong

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Hey Dave,
The only times that it bothers me, is when I'm recording an animated gif to demonstrate a new node. When you hit an inject button a couple of times, the notification list starts growing. So I need to make sure they don't end up in my recordings.
However it is fine for me, since I do my recordings at the bottom of a larger screen (to avoid this kind of stuff).
But of course I don't work in Node-RED all day, so I have no reason to complain!

Really ? I could swear you spend at least 8 hours a day !


1 - 0 :joy:

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