Feature request: Title Bar option in tab settings


Currently the title bar can be enabled or disabled from the dashboard site settings only and it affects all tabs.
Adding a new checkbox in the the Tab settings for title bar visibility would offer more flexibility to show or hide the title bar in selected tabs only.



That doesn't sound like a good UX to me. The frame of any UI should remain static otherwise it is rather confusing for users. Really, I'd think of Dashboard as an app in its own right so it has a theme and layout common across all tabs.

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Well to be honest that is a workaround to the fact that the title bar doesn't support any dashboard widgets.
And my UX contains a toolbar that is consistent across the tabs, but contains title, some navigation buttons, 2 gauges, etc..



Well, eventually, if your UI warrants it, you'll be better off hand-crafting something. Dashboard is great for getting going quickly and you can do some amazing things with it but it does bring a lot of contstraints.