Feedparser to Reddit issues

Hi there. I just started out with Node Red and it's so amazing. I'm having a little trouble fully understanding it, but I really want to learn how to properly use it.

So I started by setting up a feedparser node that automatically outputs to a subreddit.

This is how my flow looks:

This is how my reddit node configuration looks: reddit%20config

I have several problems:

  1. the debug console shows the correct article title, but it gets posted to reddit without replacing ASCII content(I guess?) i.e. in the debug console it display "Here's our founder" and on Reddit it displays "Here &#39 ;s our founder "

  2. I cannot get it to properly display the full article, even though in the actual RSS(which comes from a self-hosted RSS aggregator) the entire article shows up. The debug console&Reddit only show a partial article in between " < p > < / p >"

I do apologize if my questions are stupid, I'm only starting out in the programming world. Thank you for your attention!

If you are asking about contrib nodes it’s worth listing the specific ones you are using as there are often several that do the same job.

By default, mustache will escape any HTML entities in the values it substitutes. To prevent this, use {{{triple}}} braces.

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That's it! Thanks man, using triple braces fixes my HTML problem. I am using the "node-red-contrib-node-reddit", to be specific the "Create" node

I am using "node-red-contrib-node-reddit". Any ideas as to why using 3 { only works for the Title box? If I use 3 { for the Text box in the Get Reddit node it still displays HTML. I'm using {{{payload}}} now to get the whole article.

No idea, but you could try opening an issue on the nodes page on github, to talk directly with the nodes developer

That's a good idea. Will do. Thanks!