File downloaded on Mac OS

Where can I find file downloaded from node "file" on MAC OS. Thanks you

If you didn't use an absolute path for the filename, then the file will have been written in the working directory of the Node-RED process. What that directory is will depending entirely on where and how you are running Node-RED.

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In my case with a 'normal' install, if you just name the file i.e. test.txt it will end up in your users folder. My user name is Paul so it will be /Users/Paul/test.txt

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Now, I run it on platform enebular. And I can't download it because permission denied as picture

have you looked in the enebular documentation?

I've looked it.
In windows, I can download and find file downloaded inside setting software.
In Mac, because I don't often use it, I don't know where accept permission download and write file of software

Having never heard of enebularbefore your post, I can't give you much more help that saying read that documentation and if you don't understand it contact enebular and ask them some questions.

Or possibly someone else here has used it on a mac and can give you some pointers

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As an experiment, use an exec node and write some files to the computer.

I did this a few weeks ago, and I found the default was in the .node-red directory of the instance (as Nick mentioned in his reply).

Also found I could write to any directory (with the right permissions of course) in the ,node-red directory tree ( the .node-red sub directories).

I also recall the system (the underlying node.js system) would not write to directories outside that directory structure; but should / need to confirm exactly, as I did not pay that much attention to all the different use cases (could have been a "permissions thingy").

In a nutshell, it's easy to use an exec node to check how thing work and where you can write in the file system and where you cannot write to the filesystem. It's probably faster to just run your own tests and you can get the results faster than the time it takes to write the question and wait for a reply.

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