Fill in the form and send it on the website


On the website Águas de Viseu
I have a form where I want it to be filled in with variables known to node-red and then sent, all automatically.
What's the best way to do this?
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Welcome to the forum @tiagodiaf.

You can use a Dashboard Form node to collect the data.

I do not intend to collect information but to send information that I already have to the website form.

It's to send my water consumption to the water company

Are you saying that the form is on a different website and you wish somehow to fill in the data on that website from within node-red?

May be easier to send the reading in an email. I would think they would have to accept it, as there are disabled people.

Yes, that's it

It is a solution that I hadn't thought of yet, by doing this I can send email (gmail) through node-red?

There are email contrib nodes, using gmail you would need to go into your google account and set up an app password if i remember correctly.

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