Filter node is not working as (I) expected

I've a filter node, set up as is


Very often, more than once daily, this node is re-emitting the same identical value from the same topic.

I'm not using a big number of topics here, < 30.

What should I do to diagnose the problem?

I tried to manually reinject the same data at high rate, but this is not happening.

I already cheched that data is really really really identical, same float, same number of decimals, no spaces, etc.

Also in NO situtation I got a msg.payload.pump_id without current_price. I already added a switch to avoid this reset

Is node-red restarting? That could cause the problem you are seeing.

To diagnose it you could add a debug node on the output of the Filter node which outputs to the console (which means to the node-red log), then when you detect it has happened you can look back at the log to see what happened around that time.

It isn't a Change node it is a Filter node, I suggest editing the thread title accordingly.

Which versions of node-red and are you using? Right click in the editor and select Show Action List, then search for Show System Info and it will tell you.

thanks for suggestion to consult node-red log. I forgot this basic debug technic.

when node-red restarts, it doesn't send any values because I usually leave the option to ignore start values, to avoid a flood of 20-25 messages (i'm sending formatted message to my telegram bot)

I'm using v3.1.3

But you haven't in this case

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I copy/pasted from a try.

I have ignore initial values in prod

Do you mean that you asked a question and posted an example different to the one that fails?

What version of nodejs are you using (that is also in the system info data)?

Sorry to have paste wrong image, but the problem happens with or without the ignore.

Anyway, I'm trying to debug each single steps and log more data. I am pretty sure it could depends by dirty data coming from api calls.

node -v

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