Filter Node: Value Change with Strings

Hi there!

I would like to ask, how the Filter-Node works, when I compare strings with the setting, that the message should be blocked, if the value change is greater than x. Does the Node make a conversion of strings to numbers?

Let's say I habe a string "150" and after that a string "1000" and I set the settings to "block if value change is greater than 300 compared to last valid output value".

Will the "3000" be blocked and will another "153" come through?

Thanks and have a great week!

You should be able to wire up some inject nodes to the filter node and add a debug node and test it out :slight_smile:

And then us know the results :slight_smile:

Whether it works or not then I suggest you do not rely on it. If you want to do numeric comparisons make sure you are dealing with numbers not strings.

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