Flight controller (Pixhawk)


How can flight controllers (pixhawk) be read on node red and can display data (such as altitude, coordinates) on the dashboard?

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  1. Look at flows.nodered.org and see if anyone has created a node for nodered
  2. If not see if there is an API that you can get the information from

If you can do 1 or 2

There are examples of the data format you would need for graphs and the base map which you can display in the dashboard on flows.nodered.org

thanks for your answer

There is another solution, you can use A NODE-RED node (Link:GitHub - Asadsaeed003091/node-red-contrib-mf-mavlink ) that can decode all the mavlink message comming on a serial port. Through that node you can get any mavlink message like (Altitude, pitch, roll )


@Asad.Khan thanks for your solution! Seeing how the thread is four years old, I'll close it at this point.

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