Flight Radar 24 node stopped working again

Hi Everyone, since the last fix in July 2023 it has worked really well.
However something has changed again.
It's no longer collecting data and is failing with the error - SyntaxError: Unexpected token ':'
This started to happen in the last few days and is the same on two different installations.
I have no idea how to fix this, anyone able to help please?


#node-red-contrib-flightradar24 hasn't been updated in over 3 years and after looking at the GitHub issues page you will see that it looks like flightradar24 has made some changes.

There is a possible work around in one of the issues you can try.

Hi zenofmud,
Thank you that link refers to a previous issue that I raised and was solved.
This is a new issue.

This worked for me - Thank you @khassel

Fat Pilot!

FWIW - both the ADSB.one - and adsb.fi sites now have a simple http API that returns a nice JSON object.

Hi dceejay,

Thanks for that,

Those sites have a lot of infighting going on at the moment so I’ll stay clear until the dust settles.

My project is located at a gliding club and requires not only ADSB but also FLARM data.

I’m not sure whether the ADSB sites gather FLARM data. The FR24 node is excellent.


Paul Woodcock.

It would be nice if you explain the steps you took so anyone else wanting to use the node can get it working.

I thought the dust had settled - reddit article

Hi @zenofmud,
You are correct I will do that.

As suggested by @zenofmud here is what I did to resolve the issue.
I was directed to the post in the image below.

I simply edited the file - /home/pi/.node-red/node_modules/flightradar24-client/lib/radar.js

The following line is about 8 lines down from the top.
I changed the line - const endpoint = 'https://data-live.flightradar24.com/zones/fcgi/feed.js'
To be - const endpoint = 'https://data-cloud.flightradar24.com/zones/fcgi/feed.js'

Saved the file, started Node-Red and all done and working.

Thanks to khassel for his help.

Hi dceejay,

Here is the squabble.



Paul Woodcock.

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