Flow continues after sqlite throws error

Hi All,

Accidentally, I managed to send a malformed sql statement to an sqlite node in a subflow which threw an error that got of course caught by the parent level catch node. What I did not expect was that the subflow continued executing after the sqlite node threw that error.

I checked the outcoming msg from the sqlite and surprisingly it does not even contain any hint if there's an error or not. How can I check it in the subflow then? Of course checking back the db is an option.


Did you set the debug node showing what is coming out of the node to show Full Message and check there was not anything in any other properties?
What do you see in msg.payload in that debug?

Yepp, I checked the complete msg object and there's no property at all that'd give a hint about the error. The payload is an empty array since the statement is an sql insert.

  1. What version of NR and node.js? (you can get this from the start up log)
  2. can you put a small example together demonstrating the issue? (table syntax also)

I need a few more minutes investigating the stuff. It may be a problem at our side.

False alarm. Sorry for the noise. The issue was that for whatever reasons the code sent the same sql statement twice: once via the async node.send(msg) and at the end via return msg as well. I got rid of the async send and now the subflow stops after throwing the error.

Sorry again and thanks for your help!


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