Flow lock/unlock and show/hide permission


Following version 3.1 that can lock and unlock flow. It would be great if we can have a specific permission/authorization for that property as well as flow visibility.

This allow, at low cost, to have 2 levels of editors : 1 that has lock and visibility permission and can then edit strategic flows, another that do not have this permission that can only edit non-strategic flows (and possibly cannot even see strategic flows).

I can contribute to that feature and make a PR for this.

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Hi @BaptMB

That was the general plan for the feature, we just haven't got there yet.

One of the main missing pieces is that we don't have a properly established way to define fine-grained permissions for users; it's currently read/write level.

If you wanted to raise an item in node-red/designs Feature Requests · Discussions · GitHub we can discuss the technical approach to achieve this.

Restricting visibility of flows is a separate item - and more complicated to achieve due to the implications it has on all the runtime APIs.