Flow rate node : Output not in msg object

I am new to Node Red.

I am using the "Rate" node.
(node-red-contrib-rate (node) - Node-RED)

The docs say that the output is "msg.rate".

When I add a debug and set it to show the complete object, I get this:


There is no "rate" in the msg object.

I would be grateful if anyone could shine some light on why this is so.


Did you set the "Rate" field to msg.rate?

Have you passed more than one msg with same topic through it?

Admittedly, I am very confused.


The debug is getting the "rate" but the "Gauge" is getting the payload.

I want the "gauge" to get "msg.rate".

Any help would be appreciated.

so add a change node before the gauge node and set msg.payload to msg.rate

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