FlowFuse Blueprints - Pathway to Enhanced Manufacturing

Join our upcoming webinar on November 30 to dive into the world of manufacturing applications with FlowFuse Blueprints. Initially we have focused on creating Blueprints a little more focused around manufacturing, but are open to discussing other areas as well. This session will start with an introduction to Blueprints and their underlying philosophy, followed by a showcase of available Blueprints, including their functions and core purposes. Special focus will be on the OEE Calculator, Andon Terminal, and a detailed look at the Performance Dashboard for improving manufacturing KPIs. We'll also preview the Andon Live for real-time operational insights and conclude with a Q&A segment, inviting ideas for future Blueprints and fostering a space for collaborative innovation.

Sign-up today to join us on November 30.

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For those who aren't aware, gdziuba is now a member of the FlowFuse team
Welcome to the forum Grey.


Thank you @Paul-Reed

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I suppose that since I have no idea what most of the words in that sentence mean then this is unlikely to be of great interest to me. :frowning:

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You make a good point Colin.

I'll see if the guys working on Blueprints feature can post a more accessible description of the features (Its not one of the things I am working on)

If not, you can think of the Blueprints feature like a "curated flows library"

I believe it will be of interest to all Node-RED folk, please don't be frightened off :wink:

At least pop in and enjoy the free coffee (of course you'll have to bring your own)

I guessed what the Blueprints feature is, it was more the acronyms (which I have now looked up) that did not convey any useful information. A more accessible description would be useful, particularly some indication of how this might be useful to the sorts of home automation systems many here deploy. Presumably one has to be using FlowFuse to make use of blueprints.

Yes, it would be accurate to think of it as a FlowFuse curated flows library.