Flows-cred.json decrypt/encrypt dependency

I am creating a script that a user would provide a configuration file, that haves a list of:

  • settings ( for updating settings.js)
    -configurations (for nodes)

What i want to do also is for a user to be able to provide different credentials for different nodes (that are saved in flow_cred.json file). So that the program can encrypt the plaintext credentials to the cred file.

Tried looking what dependency node-red uses for this from GitHub repository, but without luck!

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The encrypt/decrypt functions are here: node-red/credentials.js at 67dd7e30faf1a6fca07f5b745de75f4ad3036ce4 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

We don't expose these in any api, but you can just copy/paste them into your own code.

const crypto = require('crypto')
// To encrypt
const originalKey = 'secret'
const credentials = { "a": "myPassword" }
const hashedKey = crypto.createHash('sha256').update(originalKey).digest();
const encryptedKeys = encryptCredentials(hashedKey, credentials)
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Hi Nick I am trying to reverse engineer this logic in python. Would there be a way where I can somehow test the decryption logic of a resultant flows_cred.json file i.e. create flows_cred.json file, mount it into a directory (via docker volumes) and see the logs of nodered whether the decryption of the file was successful or not?

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