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Dear Vateran

i wanna to develop a box of adge serve to combine all communication protocol into one protocol to make main serve easier.

but something beyond my comprehension. I boot a websocket serve, and invoke it, the flow node socket in, didn't triggered.

so i wonder what does socket in really do?


best regard

Hi Henry.

Welcome to the group.

Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by that.

Could you elaborate on what you mean: all communication protocol into one protocol ??

Protocols are used for a reason. You can't (or maybe shouldn't) change protocols willy nilly just because you want to.

Dear Sir

thanks for your reply. i have several devices. some invoke via http, some invoke via mqtt, others invoke via websocket. but my main server only handle http. so i setup adge serve to convert http, mqtt, websocket to http.

sorry to confuse, and very appreciated your direction.

Best regard!
sincerely Henry

I am not sure I am going to be able to help you.


thanks sir. anyway i am appreciated.

If you want a unified protocol I think it might be better to use MQTT rather than http. I think that might be simpler.

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In fact, thinking about it, that is effectively what I already do. Most sensors provide their data via MQTT already, but for those that don't, modbus devices for example, I poll them and write the values to MQTT so anywhere they are needed they are available via MQTT.

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Dear Colin

get your points. in coming may not from devices only. so there are difference types of incoming protocal. what confuse me is what node websocket in do? i am assuming, it triggered when devices provide data, but in fact it triggered when websocket serve response to devices.

i am jumping high expecting your answer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sincerely Henry

It listens on a websocket and passes on any data received by that socket.

The screenshot you posted does not contain a Websocket In node. The node labelled 'websocket in' is an Inject node.

i wire a flow like photoshot below

then boot a websocket serve. the green mark of websocket in node and debug print show it connected.then i connected websocket and send a msg to the serve via websocket testing tool.


the flow stay idle no any response while websocket testing tool connected the serve.

The websocket-in node is used for establishing the websocket client connection.
Once connected, you can send data to the websocket-out node (if setup properly it is "internally" connected to the websocket-in node - this is required to understand which connected client is sending/receiving data).

So in your example flow - the http request node is only called once.

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thank you bakman2. i am naive, i will try to figure it out. your word is beacon in the dark

Dear All

thanks for the concern. i am now find out my answer. you can regard socket in node as a socket server. http in node equal to a API. it work that way.

thanks sincerely Henry

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