Fritz!DECT 200 Powerplug

Hey Guys,
i am looking for a way to read out data from the "Fritz!DECT 200" which is connected to my Fritz!Box.
My Project would be reading out the current power consumption (of my washing maschine) to notify me when this value drops below a threshold.
The only way to use the "Fritz!DECT 200" i found so is: node-red-contrib-smartfritz. But i do not see a possibility to read out this value.
On OpenHAB this was pretty easy so i am wondering, if there really no solution to this in Node RED yet.

Instead of assuming there is no solution, what have you tried so far?
Share your flow and a screenshot, hope that someone then can help

Try the api node instead, it includes reading power

Thanks, for the hint - just tried and works perfect. I somehow also have seen this node before, but didn't realy realize what it meant.

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