From flow configuration (array of json objects) to deployed code within the Node-RED runtime

Hi, Nick,

I am a research assistant at the Saxon Textile Research Institute (affiliated institute of the Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany)). I am doing research in the field of End User Programming and use Node-RED for the development of middleware and assistance systems. The developed solutions can be experienced in our Industrie 4.0 demo factory which is currently under construction. Furthermore, we are part of the Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Textil vernetzt, where the aim is to support companies of the textile industry in digitalization.

The companies are very interested in Node-RED, but are always asking themselves how valid and reliable Node-RED is in productive use in large infrastructures. I can do a bit of enlightenment here by saying that in the graphical Node-RED Editor only a program configuration is composed, which is passed to the Node-RED Runtime in the form of an array of Json objects. The runtime goes through the array step by step and registers the corresponding Javascript modules with the appropriate configuration. How valid the system is depends on the individual nodes used, so my opinion. If they are programmed very straight and clean, Node-RED can be used in productive environments, I think.

However, I would like to explain the registration/ deployment process a little bit in detail and tried to reproduce the code, but unfortunately failed. Can you please point to the appropriate files, which I should have a closer look at and maybe give me a short explanation?

Thanks for your help.


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