Function Node and complete Flow for the GPT4All-J AI Text Generator Model

As promised yesterday: the function node for the GPT4All-J AI text generator model is fully available now. Please note: inference runs on the CPU (without requiring any special hardware) but still completes within a few seconds.

Having GPT4All-J inference as a self-contained Node-RED node gives you the possibility to create your own user interface or even build autonomous agents.

The distribution comes with a flow both for the basic function node and a complete HTTP endpoint which responds to incoming requests. Also attached is a trivial web page which can be used as a user interface for the AI model.

See the related GitHub repository for instructions on how to install and use it.

You could not create a single topic for all your function node posts ?

Well, there is one (namely this) which you may use for general questions. The specific ones should be used for specific questions, as all function nodes differ in installation, use and the model itself and may lead to specific problems - splitting threads helps me and others to differentiate between these...