functionGlobalContext for modules with "@" or "/" in name?

I've already implemented a functionGlobalContext in the settings.js file for binary_parser using the following, drawn from a specific online example using that module.

functionGlobalContext: {

and then in my function node....

var Packet = global.get('binary_parser');

var myheader = new Packet()

Now I'm trying to do the same for the following two modules, and I can't get them to work. I'm not sure if it's the "@" and/or "/" symbols, or a lack of an equivalent constructor? The equivalent of the .Parser at the end of the settings.js line? I've tried a lot of combinations with no luck.

Could anyone provide to me both the settings.js entry AND the code to add to the function (if any) to get this to work? I also tried implementing this in the "Setup" tab of the function node with no luck.

RTCM Module

NTRIP Module

Thank you for any help!

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