Gateway Modbus/TCP para Ethernet/IP

Hi, I'm new here.
I need to convert the modbus / tcp protocol to ethernet / ip. Can someone help me?



Hi @Everaldo

where does Node-RED fit here? Or is this a general modbus question? Not sure we can help with the latter.

Olá! Estou em um projeto e preciso converter modbus/tcp em ethernet/ip. Já está operando porem ainda não consegui separar os registros array.

Hello! I'm on a project and need to convert modbus/tcp into ethernet/ip. It's already operating, but I haven't been able to separate the array records yet.

Can easily be done...

Step 1 - ingest data into node red using modbus node-red node.

Step 2 - Confirm data is being scanned into node-red then transform data into a format that can be handled using an ether-IP node. This is process is application dependent and may involve a number of nodes like function, change or switch nodes.

Step 3 - Connect transformed data stream to ether-IP node

Although we have never used node-red for ether-IP we have used the modbus connection for a project with around 5,000 data points and it has worked fine for about 2 years for data writing to a historian database. Uptime has been 100%.

Overall very solid, very stable and well suited to the type of application you are describing.

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