Gauge property "Fill gauge from centre" assumes a symmetric differential range


I notice a somewhat weird looking gauge when using "Fill gauge from centre" together with a non-symmetric differential range.
The new gauge property "Fill gauge from centre" seems to assume a symmetric differential range and scaling.
But this often is not the case.

I would like to suggest a property variable to be added (for example "centre" in between the min/max range).
So that we can define where the "start filling" point is within the range.
Because the way it is displayed now in the picture below, makes no sense.


That way the property "Fill gauge from centre" will display correctly, even when using a non-symmetric range.

Also a property could be added for a scaling offset. In case you would like to have "0" in the middle of the gauge when using a non-symmetric differential range. For example: a scaling offset of -3000 would do this.

image => image

The underlying library doesn't support (yet, if to believe developers comment).


If it is required functionality , the artless gauge has this option fully covered.

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I was about to feature request this on github, which then brought me to this forum.
I was about to write a posting and this brought me to this thread :slight_smile:

I have the same problems with gauges. Fill from zero would be nice and also have zero in the middle, but the latter is not that important for me.

I'll check artless gauge now, but it would be great to have this/these feature(s) with gauge somewhen later :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great work, I started to love node red and dashboard a lot :smiley:

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