Get list of flows with node detail

Hi team,

we have one method in admin API is getFlows which return all the flows in json format but i want to get all the flows with nodes used in it in single request. Is it possible?

I'm not sure I understand your question.

The /flows API returns the complete configuration.

I'm not clear how that is different from:

get all the flows with nodes used in it in single request.

Hello Knolleary,
/flows returns configuration of all the flows available without node information used in each flow. to get node detail of each flow i have to call /flow:id method of admin API which i don't want.

is there any way, i can get detail of nodes used in each flow in single request?

Hope you understand my concern.
Arminder Singh

hi again,

Please ignore my question. i am able to fix it. thanks

Just to answer the question for future visitors to this topic:

Within the list of nodes are nodes of type tab these are the tabs/flows in the editor. They all have a unique id.

All other nodes have a z property. This identifies the id of the flow the node is on.

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