Get nice Date-Format from Timeseries?


I would like to fill my dashboard with daily values for 200 days.
The values have a timestamp in the ms-format 1579046400000.
Unfortunately this format is total unreadable for a bar chart and too long.

Is it possible to convert into a nice date-format like 20200224 ? or 200224 ?



I have this package installed but I do not get the expected output

I get the time as an integer from the previous node:

x.timestamp = parseInt(msg.payload.Timeseries);

what can I do to get a nice date format ?

I searched for a ms-format time and didn't find any information, what kind of timestamp is that? Is it epoch time?

its the format of the time in miliseconds: 1579046400000

let y =msg.payload.Timeseries;
let x = y / 1000;
let w = secondsToHms(x);

msg.payload = w;


function secondsToHms(d) {
d = Number(d);
var h = Math.floor(d / 3600);
var m = Math.floor(d % 3600 / 60);
var s = Math.floor(d % 3600 % 60);

var hDisplay = h > 0 ? h + (h == 1 ? " hour, " : " hours, ") : "";
var mDisplay = m > 0 ? m + (m == 1 ? " minute, " : " minutes, ") : "";
var sDisplay = s > 0 ? s + (s == 1 ? " second" : " seconds") : "";
return hDisplay + mDisplay + sDisplay; 


return msg;

that looks nice, but it's the DATE I am after, not the TIME :slight_smile:

oops, sorry about that

Works for me

unfortunately I cannot use this on my function output, because I get 200 values from an SQL database query and I get a timestamp and a value
when I use the Date/Time Formatter the value is gone afterwards
so I have to solve this with another function node

var myDate = msg.payload.Timeseries;;
var d = myDate.toGMTString();

return msg;

this get you a date in day date month year and then time, you can either research a little more the GMTString opitions or parse out the stuff you don't want

just a note: apparently the GMTString is deprecated use the toUTCSting instead of that.

F.Y.I. If you point the input and outvalues at the variables in msg.payload it won't get wiped out.

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