Get Shelly Roller-Shutter status on change event


ich just created a few flows and I am really new to Node-Red - but I am learning quick :wink:

My challenge: Ich have some shelly roller shutter modules which I would like to integrate in the GUI. I already get the status and show on the dashboard which status a shutter has.

But: I would like to get the status from the roller-shutter when it is changed (by any interaction, button whatever) and also display it on the GUI.

How am I able to check periodically the status (I do that by inject-node every second now) without flooding the system every second?

WHat is the best way to realize this scenario? I would prefer if the shelly could push a message to node-red if the status changes. Is there any way to do that - I do not have any mptt-instance inbetween, only ccu3 + node-red -> shelly 2,5

Thanks a lot guys!

Hi, welcome to the forum.

You could, I believe, do that with MQTT.

I would use the built-in mqtt API. You get the state open, close and stop and the position 0-100 from the shelly2.5 device.


soinds great! Thanks!

Could anyone give me a hint regarding the logical order of the nodes i have to create?


I use two mqtt-in nodes e.g. for the gardenBlind:



You have to configure the shelly2.5 mqtt API and you also need a mqtt-broker (e.g. mosquitto).

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Just a note and an alternative
If you use mqtt you will not be able to use the shelly cloud, as it is one or the other.
Alternatively you can configure the shelly to send http request to node red when they are switched. You could set up a http in node to handle these request and up date your dashboard from there.

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