Get status under a node


How can I get the status "socket hang up" or "ready" then preform a check if its meeting my criteria.

I can't attached a debug because their isn't a output.

Use a status node (in the input section of the palette. In its config, you can set to "selected nodes" then pick the one you need as a source.

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Thanks !

Do you know how I only can filter object.status.text to be as msg.payload.
I just want to check if status is "socket hang up" then send a email.

Add a change node to the flow. Configure it to set msg.payload to msg.status.text.

@JayDickson Thank you for your support.

I couldn't get the Change to work for me so I tried with succession.

Maybe I am using Change wrong?


That's backward of what you need for the change node config. Your function is doing basically the same thing, though, so you should be fine. You could also do a node.send({"payload":msg.status.text}); as a single line function to strip out all other properties and start fresh after the function node (can be useful if a flow is sending lots of no longer useful data in each message.)

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Wow that's even better Thanks!

Hi Jay

I only have one kind of status node - (and I don't seem to have an input section of the pallet) - The status node is in the 'common' section. I had already tried what you suggested but I get no output at all. I must be missing something?

@Peter_Truman please post only in one thread. Since this thread is over a year old, I'll close it.