Get value from buffer with expressions

I have a function generating several buffers.
Is it possible using expressions (or another way) to retrieve the value of buffers similar to the image below?

It's not making a lot of sense why it's calling the different portions of your payload a buffer. That being said, it looks like you should still be able to address the values using the property names like normal. So something like this should work:


If that doesn't work, you may need to assign the buffer to something and then send that to JSON:

var temp = Buffer.from(msg.payload);
var data = temp.toJSON();

After that, you should be able to reference anything in data to get what you're looking for. Try those out and see if one of them works for you. If not, post what you're getting with it and we'll see if we can get it to go farther.

Hi what is your goal?

Are you trying to convert a buffer to sensible values? That's what node-red-contrib-buffer-parser is designed for.

If you want more detailed help, please provide sample input data and an example of what you expect out.

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