Getting Continuous Output from Python Script in Node-RED


Sorry the question might be so trivial, but I could not make it work, and I am not getting any errors, so couldn't fix the issue.

I have a python3 script located at /home/pi/ The script gets data from Zigbee device, when I run the script itself I get data without any problems. I believe in Node-RED, I should be able to do this by using exec node without any problems. I am able to run an example non-continuous python script without any issues.

How exactly I should configure the exec node so I can achieve what I want?
The continuous generated data example if needed: From 0013A200411111E >> 23.00

This would be more suited to the node-red-node-daemon node. And don’t forget to add -u to the python call to ensure it is unbuffered

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@dceejay Thank you so much. The daemon node works without any issues.

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