Getting email attachments and sending them to google drive


I am new to node-red but it seems like a powerful tool! My question is being relatively new how realistic would it be for me to setup something up like the title suggests? I was browsing a various online solutions but wanted to try to host it on my own machine. I want to download email attachments as a certain email address get them and then upload those email attachments to a google drive account. I was searching around and couldn't seem to find anyone that has done something similar. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!


You will need to start with a Google node so that you can access your email account.

To get hold of attachments from an email is reasonably annoying but that is due to the standards for email rather than Node-RED. I've actually not tried this with Node-RED because the last time I needed to, NR didn't exist :frowning: - Had to write a PHP IMAP library because the default one didn't work properly - horrid.

I think that any attachment should already be accessible in the resulting payload when you've retrieved the email but I might be wrong.