Getting Json payload to influxDB


I have tried to get temperature values ​​from a JSON file into INFLUXDB. The connection to InfluxDB works but can not get values ​​out of my JSON file.

Payload debug:

msg.payload : Object


compact: object

detailed: array[4]

0: object

_id: "70:ee:50:2e:cd:88"

station_name: "FCH-NTMO-1"

date_setup: 1537339544

last_setup: 1537339544

type: "NAMain"

last_status_store: 1599493344

module_name: "FCH-NTMO-Indoor-1"

firmware: 178

last_upgrade: 1537339528

wifi_status: 42

reachable: true

co2_calibrating: false

data_type: array[5]

place: object

dashboard_data: object

time_utc: 1599493343

Temperature: 22.3

CO2: 475

Humidity: 42

Noise: 36

Pressure: 1025.5

AbsolutePressure: 1023.9

min_temp: 21.5

max_temp: 22.3

date_max_temp: 1599486990

date_min_temp: 1599450083

temp_trend: "stable"

pressure_trend: "up"

Right now I'm just trying to get ID and Temperature in, but value does not come out only the text I have written as:
gem som payload debug

Hope you can help



The values in the function node are defined as strings.

instead of

Humidity: 'msg.payload'


Humidity: msg.payload

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Now i have the right value

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