Getting Started with node-red-contrib-unifi

I have been using Node Red quite a while and just got some unifi equipment for my network. I thought this set of nodes would be fun to play with, but I find that for some reason I am getting no feedback other than ERR_BAD_REQUEST.

Anyone have any insight into how to troubleshoot getting the connection up and working?

Are you connecting to the unifi controller ? Does it have a self-signed certificate, if yes, is the ssl verification checkbox unchecked ?

Yes, I am connecting to the unifi controller. It does have a self-signed certificate. I have tried with the SSL verification checkbox checked and unchecked, though the way you asked the question, explains what that box is for. (Was that in the documentation somewhere that I missed.)

Regardless of the SSL situation, that alone isn't the problem.

I am also unclear on the use of the Unifi OS checkbox, but I get the same result whether checked or unchecked.

Finally, for what it is worth, have successfully connected using the nodes in node-red-contrib-unifi-os. It looks like while it may be more fiddley, it may better meet my needs. That said, I would love to get both to work as options are always good.

If you are connecting to the controller, unifi OS should be unchecked (the url endpoint is different on unifiOS vs controller)

Good to get a description of the meaning of that checkbox, but I get the same result with either setting (though off is the correct setting for my circumstance).

Any other thoughts?

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