Giving Device unactive status after not recieving message for period of time


I might use some help.
I am recieving batches of Wi-Fi data which I than filter by MAC adress and define position of each device etc. The thing is I need to mark unactive devices.

For example I recieve msgs like this:

mac: "30:83:98:00:XX:XX"
eap: ""
interface: "2.4GHz-XXXX-4np-BD-1-2"
ssid: "XXX-iot2"
uptime: "2m14s290ms"
packets: "4001,3916"
bytes: "236107,1006147"
tx_rate: "26Mbps-20MHz/1S"
rx_rate: "58.5Mbps-20MHz/1S"
rx_signal: "-57"
tx_rate_set: "OFDM:6-

I recieve it in bach every 2 seconds and filter them by MAC adress. When I stop receiving messages for more than 10 seconds - about any of mac adresses - I need a message to be send (for example"Not active"). Is this possible? Any hints please?

I used tuned trigger node and it does what I want :slight_smile:

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Mark that post as the solution please.

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