I have switched to context storage
If I now look at the written value I see 2 pieces in the context overview. I assume that one is memory and the second is in the file system. How can I determine which of the two is the one from the memory in the display. I want to delete this one to see if I have implemented the changes correctly to every flow?

it seems that a flow is still writing to memory or the node containing global.set("wled",true, "storeInFile") has not yet updated the false.
I don't want to delete both just like that, otherwise my light control will get messed up.

This is the nuclear option but if you stop and restart node red the one left is the one in the file system.

In a change node using JSONata or a function node using Javascript global.set("wled", undefined, "memory"), you can set the global to undefined, which will delete it.

What version of node-red are you running as 3.02 shows what context the global var is, as seen in image.

THX for the answers.
I am running v3.02 und I do not see this function? Do I have to activate it somewhere?

I have just made an interesting observation. If I open node red via the brouser directly, I have the view I posted above.
If I open node red via the IObroker interface, the default and storeInFile information described by E1cid is available. Strange the different display
Has anyone observed something similar or do I have other differences that I haven't found yet?

Which browser/version are you using?

Force a browser cache clear via the browser menus.

THX it is my chrome browser, using Firefox I can see it

Clear the cache via the browser menus and force a page reload.

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