Going through the new stuff in NR 3.1.x Question

There are 12 things shown in the tutorial.

Number 8: Locking flows.

Nice, but it begs the question:
ALL NODES.... Including debug?

Yes, I get it: the flow is WORKING so it doesn't need changing.
But Sod's law will happen and one day you just want to check an output and so need to activate a debug node.

If the flow is LOCKED, you have to unlock it first.
To me that is a bit of a concern as to do that you UNLOCK the flow.
Then when finished, you have to LOCK it again.

That kind of discourages me from wanting to LOCK a flow.

Number 2: New ways to work with groups.

They can be reordered using the Moving Forwards and Move Backwards actions
Sorry, I don't understand what that means.
(Yeah, I'm dumb)

Holding Alt when dragging a node will *remove* it from its group
Does that apply to multiple nodes too?

Number 5: Finding help

But originally all I did was go to the right and click on the documents button.
How is this better?
(Side note: I'm using the dark theme.)
This is what the bottom left corner of nodes looks like now.
Screenshot from 2024-02-15 07-32-59

I'll stop here for everyone's sake - and maybe mine too.

A last thing though:
Ok, the Tour gives you an overview and unless you really know what you are doing, some things may not be of importance but that the window opened is small (on my monitor) it is hard to see things and appreciate the new additions.

My monitor is not super high res.
For a long time I was only using a 16 x 9 TV as the monitor.
Now I am using a proper monitor.

Is the size of the opened window defined or proportional to the display size?

Imagine the groups, nodes and wires made out of cardboard on a large mousemat. Bringing forwards means moving something so that it is over the top of anything it overlaps and visa versa for backwards. Same as any other drawing tool.

Play is the first rule of IT. Give it a go, experiment. Let us know the answer (because I don't know).

Less clicks if you happen to have the edit panel open at the time.

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