Gpiod input provide status "OK" at start of flow

Noticed that the gpiod inputs provide at start of the flow instead of 0 or 1 most of the time the status OK and no output msg is generated, despite the check box "Read initial state of pin on deploy/restart?"
However soon as the input signal changes, the result ( 0 or 1) is normal and continues to work as expected. Occasionally the status is however immediately showing the correct 0 or 1 at start (or restart) of the flow.

Checked if internal pullup / pulldown has influence and tested also with external resistors, but could not detect different behavior.

Once the flow is started and the input status has changed once, so a normal 0 or 1 is showing, you can restart the flow and most of the time the OK does not show anymore an the input keeps on showing the correct status

Can't remember this behavior from past, so wander if the is related to latest update of the gpiod nodes

System in use is: Rasberry pi 3B + pigpiod deamon + nodered in docker. Re-installed the raspberry pi from scratch and checked it on second raspberry pi (also fresh install). All with same result.

Appreciate if someone has a look at this issue. Thanks

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