Gps using lora,arduino and raspberry pi

hello everyone ,
i am a new user on node red and know very few things about it
recently i have been working on a project in which i want to store a data recieved from a gps module connected to arduino uno and sending data to a raspberry pi using lora. for this i have been able to recieve data from gps module on raspberry pi however i want it to be converted to a interactive user interface showing maps and paths and locations of visits(recent).

i have installed ui node red dashboard, worldmap palletes in my node red
i have also seen the video link given on node red site which says:-

The flow explained in detail in this video:


however since i am a new user of noe red i could not make much out of it as to how to go about adding map paths, using interface palletes, using mysql palletes, structure of table required to store the data...

pl can some one help me out with this project's deadline approaching

ill be really thankful for any help on the topic please

You have rather a lot on your plate then... so need t break it down into chunks.

First how does the data now look when it arrives in Node-RED.

If you add a worldmap node you can see from its info what format it needs the msg.payload to be in - so first thing will be to use a change node or function node to make the data look like that by moving or renaming the existing properties. That should start to get data visible on the map.

Then you could add a worldmap tracks node into that flow - add it in parallel to the wire going into the worldmap node. That will build up local history of tracks and plot lines for each object as they move.

However they do not store data - so yes you will need a database of some sort if you want long term history... but small steps at a time.

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