Grafana 8.1 - big step for IoT dashboard

I know this is a Node-Red forum but many on here use Grafana.
With 8.0 there is now live streaming in graphs and support for Booleans.
From an IoT & NR perspective you can live stream to Grafana via MQTT.

With 8.1 a new Action panel somewhat akin to NR Dashboard panels will allow both status update and Actions sent from the Panel to NR via MQTT/other. 8.1 Action panels will support SVG elements/toggles/sliders etc.

v8.1 hopefully will ship in around 6 weeks time the MQTT data source plugin is not currently instable from within Grafana but from Git.

Attached is a screen shot form todays IoT day Grafana have taken the first on many steps to support comprehensive IoT dashboards.


Interesting, I hadn't seen the actions stuff. See my musings about using Grafana a couple of days ago: Using Grafana as Node-Red Dashboard?

Oooh, nice. Thanks for sharing, I'll certainly look forward to that!

I have been trying for some time to install the plugin, but I would apreciate your support regarding ;

## Requirements

** Grafana user with a server or organization administration role; refer to Permissions.*

Could you please inform how to get this permissions ?


@tve there are other features coming like industrial automation like Alarm panel. A free format graphics editor panel so you can do floorplans/SCADA mimic/BMS headends, with drag & drop placement of realtime metrics. These developments have been dependant on changes to panel plugin & v8 backend and a new team of three who are called Grafana Edge.


JoseGodinho so I'm clear you want to know how to do Grafana permissions? these are available from the left hand menu under the Server Admin sub menu


sorry, but couldn't find it.

this the print screen of the server admin, THANK YOU

This is very good. Look forward to checking out the new Grafana.

Love the State Timeline:

Hello, Could you please inform how to get the permission to install de MQTT, grafana plugin.
thank you

When are we expecting these Industrial SCADA Updates? Its very good news for IIoT on PLC based automation.

Will the Live Streaming & Booleans be available for AllenBradley Ethernet/IP Driver?

I don't know only what was mention in the session which is now available at


Not v8 related but I don't remember seeing this extension before:

Looks like you can already build some amazing stuff there. Might try and find some time to build a uibuilder example.

I had a look at it but stuck with text panel with HTML
What I have used is

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