Grafana dashboard change

Hello, I need an help with automated dashboard change in Grafana ( I do not have enough knowledges about Grafana ). In our module we are using automatic change according to value from PLC. Changing of dashboard is working well ( checked in Node-red ), but what I am trying to solve is automatic change of the dashboard in Grafana. The new dashboard is loaded on the monitor only after clicking on the Home icon ( left up corner ). Is there any possibility to send command from the Node-red to make it automatically? Print screens are included.

Thanks for help.

It's not complete clear to me what you want to do, but have a look at the Grafana api.
With this api and the Nr http mode you can do a lot.

Let us know if you got it working so other people can use the solution also.

I add some printsreens - maybe it will be more clear.

Everything is OK.

New dashboard is requested from PLC. In Node-red all is ok, but in Grafana is still loaded previous Dashboard.

What I need is to activate ( press ) that "Home" icon button from the Node-red to load correct Dashboard automatically.

Is it possible?

Think you can use this; Dashboard HTTP API | Grafana documentation

Yes, I am checking. It is completely new for me. Did not find until now :smiley: