Grafana + InfluxDB + Node-Red


Yes of course (the scale) I realised just before you posted that I was talking rubbish.

In that case that would be a good way to check the tuning, if that is how you are going to use it in practice. So do exactly what you would normally do and see how it goes.


Is Grafana safe to expose to the internet? I checked my firewall log, for yesterday, this morning and found two port scans looking for port 3000 open. Does anyone know of a vulnerability?


I don't know of any issues, but I wouldn't do it myself. I think you would at least need to use https. I have a pi running openvpn which is the only thing open to the internet, then I can use it to get into anything on my local network from anywhere. I think I saw a blog somewhere about setting that up. Ah yes:


Apparently there was an issue for cross site something but it has been fixed in the next version which is in beta.


Try Ngrok.


I'm using Untangle UTM for my firewall and it's only $60/year for the professional version. It will track all traffic in and out of my home network. That's how I knew someone was knocking on the Grafana door.
I should add, pro version for home use.