Graphs showing no lines, only dots

I have 2 identical graphs (copy paste). I want to get 2 times line charts.
One of them are only showing dots. The configuration is same.


Any ideas?

Without more information, the short answer is no.

Now with a coyo of your flow, someone might have a better chance to spot something.
also knowing it you are using the ui-graph node, the version of NR,node.js and the version of the dashboard (those three can be gotten from the startup log), what device and OS you are using would all be helpful.

Use a debug node to double check what you are sending to the node, possibly you are sending the dotted one some null values between the dots.

Actually, I want to combine these 2 views in one graph. How can I do that?

Does the fact you ask that means that you solved the first problem?

Read the help text for the node, particularly the paragraph starting 'Multiple series'.

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