Greating a clock widget

Hi there,

I'm pretty new to Node-RED and i would appreciate if you could help me with my concern.

I implemented "date & time" in the dashboard as boring numbers somewhere in a colomn of the dashboard.
Now I'm trying to optimize the look of "date & time". What is in my head is to create a widget which can be placed at one of the corners of the display.

Thanks for your help.

Have you searched this forum? I’m sure it came up over the summer. Time/date dashboard

Yes I searched for that.
But more than what I've got I couldn't find.

Has someone the knowledge how to do that?

Try searching for "Time/Date on the Dashboard"

For example, this is what i found when I tried to solve my problem.

Bit I don't know at all, how to deal with this code/answer. :frowning:

Have you tried importing it? You copy it then import from clipboard, paste, then click import, you should now see a blue ui_template node called Clock Toolbar in your editor. Deploy and you should have the time in your Dashboard pages.