Groov I/O Read node results unusable with math operators

Hello all,

I was trying to do a simple subtraction of two results from groov I/O read nodes in a function node, but the result seems to always be NaN when the two read node results interact. Thoughts? Will clarify further if necessary.

Well NAN means Not A Number so there is something wrong with your data or code.

It would be helpful if you provided the function node and a debug list of the data going into the function node.

My apologies for not including these in my initial post, and I appreciate the quick reply! I tried to include all relevant nodes, but if there is something you see is missing, let me know.

You have two different msgs going thru the function node at different times. So when the first msg arrives (the one with Rh) arrives msg.Temp doesn’t exist and you get the NAN.

You need to join the two msgs to get all the data in one msg before sending it to the function to be processed.

Take a look at the join node.


Thanks for the tip, did some experimenting and got it to work!

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