Grow up the menu button

hello everyone
we can grow up the hamburger menu of dashboard ????
menu hamburger

him what do you mean by "grow up" ?
You add more tabs to your app (or links) and they get added automatically.
Or under the dashboard sidebar Site tab you can set it to be always shown

what i mean , i want to make the menu button more big

Try fa-navicon fa-2x


i want to modify the size of the button menu of tabs

I don't think there is a way to do that without hacking into the dashboard core code, which is probably not a good idea, as it would be overwritten when you next update.

You could however hide the titlebar by Sidebar > Dashboard > Site > Options so that the default nav icon is hidden.
Then create you own menu system where you can use whatever size, shape or colour as a navigation button.
See Contextmenu location

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