Guaranteed delivery & MS SQL plus

Hi all ,
my flow read data from an energy meter and insert it a MS SQL server, it work fine but i want add the Guaranteed delivery to avoid data loss. I tryed to configure i dont understand how i need to configure with MS SSQL plus.
can you help me please?

thanks in advance!

You will need to do this yourself. There is nothing built in to the node to queue-up your requests/queries (none of the DB nodes do as far as i know).

What I (and others) do is: Data to be written to the database is stored in a "stack". This stack is simply an array in node-red flow context (backed by file storage to reduce losses due to power outage of node-red)

When there is data in the "stack" I peak the "next" entry in the "stack" & attempt a DB INSERT. If the output of MSSQL-PLUS indicates success, I "shift" the item off the stack.

i found this flow Guaranteed delivery of data (upload, email etc) across a network (flow) - Node-RED .. i try with stack

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