Guide to using JSON option in change node

I basically would like to amalgamate two items into a combined JSON object/string


I've got msg.tweethandle and msg.tweettxt - how do I use the JSON option in the change node to make msg.payload = { msg.tweethandle : msg.tweettxt} (the contents of them - not those literal words)

Or is that not what its for?

or have I lost the JSON plot entirely again?


The JSON option doesn't include any way to reference the received message properties when constructing its object.

You should use the Expression option instead:

{$.tweethandle: $.tweettxt}
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If you use the JSONata option (J:) you can Set msg.payload To msg.tweethandle&msg.tweettxt which will concatenate the two strings.

[Edit] I see I misread the requirement. :frowning:

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Ta for info

I've ended up with this as I realised I needed to have fixed keys for each value (and I even surpassed myself by working out that I needed a JSON node to convert it to an object afterwards :slight_smile: )



You should be able to do that with just the JSONata I think.

From this example, you can see that you can access both the topic and the payload directly.

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Of course - I was just taking little steps one at a time :slight_smile: