hackAIR air quality project



I am participating in the
EU project on air quality measurements.

I have an air quality sensor, and are using Node-RED (what else...) to collect and visualize the data.

The information page on this can be found here:

Jo hackAIR

Cool to hear if anyone else here is participating, and if so, what tools your are using!


Excellent - do you mind if I (or you) move this to the Share-your-projects" category ?


Hi Dave! Sure, I am not sure how to do that, so please go ahead and move it :slight_smile:


Interesting project. Bookmarking for future reference.

Shame they use DHT22's as the recommended Temperature/Humidity sensor. Rather inaccurate.


The hackAIR project is ending soon, after 3 years.
They put up my writing on using Node-RED and the Dashboard here: