Help/ point in the right direction


so i'm trying to get a arduino nano 33 iot device to connect to my MQTT server/node red thing.

i'm at a loss for finding information, all the examples i'm finding are using Ethernet, or want some 1 wire switch thing. all i want to do right now is get my arduino to say hello world in node red through the debug window.

is anyone on here using a wireless arduino with there node red/mqtt stuff that can direct me in a place that could help. cause i'm so lost.

alot of the examples are trying to connect to a cloud mqtt thing. i don't have that my mqtt server is running on a pi in my home network. so i don't have username or passwords.

my end result would be to have a bme280 sensor attached to the arduino, and have it transmit data ever 15 seconds to the mqtt thing through node red. am i wrong in this or is it possible or am i going in the wrong direction all togther?

Most Arduino's do not have any networking. MQTT is a networking protocol. So if the Arduino you are using doesn't have its own network, you have to connect it to something that does.

The simplest approach is to connect it via a Serial connection to the device that is running Node-RED. There is a serial node for this purpose. Once you have the signals coming into Node-RED, you can do whatever you want with them.

so the nano 3 IOT, has a Wi-Fi adapter built in, in code i can connect it to my wifi, just putting node to mqtt thing together.

In which case it's easy. Loads of examples out on the net for Arduino MQTT.

My only advise would be, send values as JSON so that they are ready to parse at the node-red side.

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