Help with button and iframe for a news feed

Hi all,

I created a news feed for my dashboard which works well, however running it in kiosk mode is a problem.
If a user clicks on the thumb nail using code below it it takes them to the web link, but there is no back button!!!
<a target="_blank" href="{{msg.payload[0].link}}"> <img width="100%" src="{{msg.payload[0].thumb}}"/></a>

I think the answer would be to open the link in another node red tab using iframe ?

So the ui template button would need to display the thumb as now but also output the incoming link as a payload when clicked. Then a function node to send them to another tab and load the page in the iframe, keeping users within the dashboard.

I have done a lot of searching but can't seem to find a similar example, but then I'm not really sure what to search for :wink:

I could really do with some help as I haven’t yet managed to get the image button working let alone the link payload or iframe part.


The built in dashboard link item has several options

that may help

Thanks that works ok for a fixed link, but I need a dynamic button fed with new links on rotation.
I have it working using standard html above.

The following code doesn't work but I think shows what I need to achive, could you help with correct syntax please ?

<md-button class="vibrate touched filled"  ng-bind-html="msg.payload[0].thumb"  ng-click="send(msg.payload[0].link)"> 

<img hight"100%" src="{{msg.payload[0].thumb}}"/>


OK got the picture working now but still not getting the link payload when clicked guess its just syntax, any ideas?

<md-button class="vibrate touched filled"  ng-click="send( { payload: {{msg.payload[0].link}}    })"> 

<img src="{{msg.payload[0].thumb}}"  width="100%"/>


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